Fleet Tracking Solutions

Fleet tracking software that empowers smart decisions

Increase Fleet Visibility, Improve Customer Service & Ensure Worker Safety

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Fleet managers can easily see the exact location of their vehicles on a map via the Trac360 website and apps for Android and iOS, enabling:

  • Better customer services through improved ETAs
  • Increased efficiency by reducing ‘where are you’ phone calls
  • Boosted productivity with better planning and by helping ensure drivers do not take unauthorised breaks or deviations
  • After-theft recovery
  • Duty or care / lone worker protection

Vehicle Security

Vehicle theft is always a concern and a real issue for businesses across the UK. New figures from the Home Office show an alarming increase in vehicle thefts, up almost 50% in the past five years. Stolen assets doesn't just impact your insurance premiums, they cause major disruption to your business.

Recovery of a stolen vehicle can be made much easier with the aid of a GPS tracking system. Our vehicle tracking technology gives regular updates of location, direction and speed while in transit. Importantly our system also records and displays the stopped location of the vehicle.

Worker Safety

Fleet managers can effectively manage unsafe behaviour and help ensure the safety of their drivers through:

  • Around-the-clock fleet tracking
  • Exception reports that highlight speeding, idling and excessive stop time
  • Journey reports that summarise the total driving duration for each vehicle each day