Trailer Tracking Solutions

Trailer tracking software that empowers smart decisions

Discrete Installation, Waterproof & Self-Charging Battery


Fleet managers can easily access real-time tracking information regarding a trailer's current location and historical movements, via full journey reports, detailed mapping and using our free phone app for Android and iOS. Journey progress can be monitored to ensure accurate times of delivery and collection.


Cargo theft is always a concern as is the theft of the trailer itself. Recovery of a stolen trailer can be made much easier with the aid of a GPS tracking system. Our trailer tracking system gives regular updates of location, direction and speed while in transit. Importantly our system also records and displays the stopped location of the trailer.


With regular service intervals to ensure the legal compliance of all trailers is upheld, knowing the exact location of trailers is invaluable information.

Positive ROI

The return on investment can be high. Without GPS tracking it can be difficult for fleet managers to know the location of their trailers once they have left the depot. However with trailer tracking the location of all trailers is visible which means that they can be returned back to operation much faster, increasing productivity and revenues.